Annullment of Bankruptcy

August 2nd, 2007 by Questions

I originally saw a trustee to have a Consumer Proposal initiated because I could not get my Student Loan Collectors to give me reasonable payment amounts. The Bank Risk portion threatened to garnish my wages. The Trustee recommended that I claim Bankruptcy instead. My only debts are Federal, Provincial and Bank Risk portions of Student Loans and I am only 8 years out of school. I received a letter stating that the Bank Risk portion will not survive the Bankruptcy. This portion is the reason I went for Bankruptcy. I am repaying for an RESP to the trustee but now I am upset because in 9 months from now I will owe the same amount of debt as before the filing. Can a Bankruptcy be stopped? Can I have my repayments refunded to me?


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, Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said:

You can contact your Trustee about this, but the annulment of a bankruptcy is exceptionally rare. The only situaitons I have seen an annulment done in are if you were not legally eligible to file a bankruptcy and if the annulment was done immediately after the bankrutpcy is filed.

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