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Tax refund after filing consumer proposal

I files a consumer proposal which was accepted and i am to pay for 36 months from this june/07.( my husband for helping me pay this monthly payments)
I have now got a job starting in Sept, because i had no income throughout the year i am assuming that when i file my taxes in 2008 i will get a tax refund. will revenue canada not give me this refund in 2008 as they were part of the proposal and i owed moneyto them?

One Response to “Tax refund after filing consumer proposal”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

For the tax year of 2007 it is debatable as it depends more on what part of the year the amounts owing and the refunds relate to.

However, for the tax year of 2008 your refund legally should be yours to keep as long as you don’t have any taxes owing post-proposal.