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After discharge, can I repay a creditor?

After my bankruptcy is discharged, if I wanted, and had the means, could I repay some of my creditors? Is there any legal reason why I couldn’t? One of our debts was through CitiFinancial retail services. A lot of stores use their services to offer store credit cards, and I wonder if repaying what was owed to them might make them more likely to offer me credit in the future?

One Response to “After discharge, can I repay a creditor?”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

As long as your discharged from bankruptcy there is nothing preventing you from doing this, but be cautious as repaying the debt may not really change things as the bankruptcy will likely still show up and teh payment of the debt likely won’t.

You would be better off to spend the time rebuilding your credit overall. For more informaiton on this you can follow this link for credit rebuilding or simply discuss things with your trustee.