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Bankruptcy effects on security clearance?

I have recently been discharged from bankruptcy and have found a job opportunity which I would like to apply for. Unfortunately, it says it requires “secret security clearance.” Does a bankruptcy affect the ability of someone to obtain this clearance? If so, does this mean I also could not obtain a position in the military (not that I am considering that at this point). Would most government jobs be unobtainable for me?
Thank you.

One Response to “Bankruptcy effects on security clearance?”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

You would habe to check with the employer as I am not familiar with the ter “secret security clearance.” I can only assume that your credit would have nothing to do with your credibility and whether or not you should be exposed to sensitive material, but that is simply opinion.

However, I can say that you are not prohibited from joing the military or working for the government. The only things I have seen people have difficutly with are working for a bank, certain jobs where you are required to hold trust accounts, and some professional assocaitions / liscensing bodies (i.e. mortgage broker, insurance agent) depending on what province you reside.