After being bankrupt

My son claimed bankruptcy in 2005. He had an amount of money owed to Ontario Legal Aid, and they where included as part of the dept owed. The bankruptcy was final in 2005 In 2007 my son again had to apply for Legal Aid, and they would not issue him a Certifacte to get a Lawyer,, he appealed thier decision and they sent him a letter and said they would issue him a certificate if he signed that he owed them $25000.00 from the earlier legal aid that he had owed them and which was part of his bankruptcy claim, they want him to sign a contract to make payments for this amount before they will issue him Legal Aid Certificate. I was under the impression that when you claim bankruptcy, that you could begin to build your credit back up and that the previous depts had been dealt with thru bankruptcy, Can you tell me if the Ontario Legal Aid can ask for payment, after it has been dealt with thru the bankruptcy act. I would appreciate your answer as time in my sons case is important in regards to him getting a lawyer to help him in court.. Thank You:

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A licensed trustee said...

Has the debt been discharged – yes, I am confident it was. Does Legal Aid have the right to coerce your son into repaying the discharged debt before they will represent him again? I honestly don’t know – you’ll have to ask a lawyer or a politician.