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When should I get my GST Cheques back!

I was discharged in Nov.’05 and still have not received a GST cheque since then. The Trustee did our taxes for ’05 (kept return & GST) and also ’06 taxes (kept return and GST) what should I have been entitled to?

One Response to “When should I get my GST Cheques back!”

Barton Goth, GCO, Bankruptcy Trustees said...

Normally taxes and GST are lost for the year of bankruptcy and any previous years. However, if there are unusual circumstances it is possible that those post bankruptcy years would be used to reduce outstanding fees, but without any additional information it is difficult for me to comment whether this is appropriate or not. If you have any concerns or feel that things are not being done appropriately you can always contact the Superintendent of Bankruptcy to confirm whether things have been handled correctly.