Removing bankruptcy from credit reports

It has been 6 years since my discharge. Equifax has removed the bankruptcy from my credit report. However, Transunion states I must wait until 7 years. I would like to buy a new car and am wondering if this will cause a problem for me?
I understand various car dealerships use one or both of the credit bureaus to determine eligiblity for financing. Could you tell me if there is a car dealership that uses Equifax only? Or is there any way to have Transunion remove the bankruptcy from my credit report? It seems odd that Transunion would keep it on longer as Equifax is the more credible bureau.

One Response to “Removing bankruptcy from credit reports”

A licensed trustee said...

Each of the credit reporting agencies has their own set of policies and rules. You simply have to live with whatever policies they have.

You might check with trustee that handled your file to see if they are aware of any local dealers that will finance a car for you. To the best of my knowlegde, no one maintains a list of which dealers are members of which crdit reporting agency. I suppose you could contact the credit bureaus directly and ask them.