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Filing for income tax after Bankruptcy Discharge

I have been fully discharged from my Bankruptcy July 2005. The trustee filed for me for Jan-Oct 2004 and then for Nov-Dec 2004. I use a tax filing firm to file my income tax normally. Do I need to take my discharge papers and the report from the taxes filed during bankruptcy with me? My trustee mailed me my G.S.T. cheque which combined the amounts for July and October of 2005 which was printed in care of him. Do I need to contact the government about my discharge or do I just file normally this year?

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Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said...

There is no need to contact the government, this should automatically be done there is simply a delay before CRA updates their system. As for current tax year, your 2005 will be a return as normal, your accountant may need a copy of the post bankruptcy return, but there shouldn’t be any informaiton on the pre that will have any impact on your 2005 return.