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Dell Computers & Consumer Proposals ?

Hi, great info on this site, thank you for publishing it.

I wonder if your firm has had experience with how DELL Financial Services tend to react to consumer proposals in regards to their 48-month Purchase Plans?

Reading the “contract” it seems to me that the “loan” is secured but I am not a lawyer.

Do you know if they never/usually/always ask for the computer system(s) back in the case of a consumer proposal?

One Response to “Dell Computers & Consumer Proposals ?”

Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said...

While it is well withing DELL ‘srights to have you sign a secured purchase contract, I have never seen one that has been. As a result, I have never seen DELL request the computer system(s) back. However, it would be important to contact a trustee in your area, bring in the DELL contract and have him provide you with an opinion as to whether there is a risk or not. If you simply click on the “contact an expert” link you will be directed to a reputable trustee in your area who will be able to do this. I must emphasize that this would be a good thing to do prior to entering into the proposal, but based on past history, I really don’t see any cause for concern.