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3 month wait ??

Is it true that you should wait 3 months after your last credit card transaction before filing for bankruptcy? What if you need to use your card for basic necessities like groceries?

One Response to “3 month wait ??”

Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said...

In every bankruptcy all creditors review your transactions with them in the three months prior to bankruptcy, and if they suspect that you borrowed from them during that period before bankruptcy, and knew that you couldn’t pay it back, they can pursue you after you are discharged from bankruptcy. In most cases the creditor files a claim in your bankruptcy and doesn’t pursue you further. However, as indicated in the previous question, it is possible. Having said this, As long as you haven’t made any significant or unusual purchase on these credit cards you really have not need to be concerned. The legislation is designed to punish those who intentionally set out to abuse or defraud the system. So as long as the purchase not unusual and the value wasn’t significant I would not expect you would have any difficulties. However, I do not recomend continued use past the point you know your are going to have to file a bankruptcy, if you do you then are putting yourself at risk.