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Parkway Forest, Toronto, ON

The peaceful neighbourhood of Parkway Forest is a great place to live if you’re looking for peace and serenity. It’s located just 8.4 miles from the Toronto city center, with an average population size of approximately 14351, making this area even more Enjoyable.

Did you know that the neighbourhood of Parkway Forest, Toronto, is among Ontario’s best? If you’re searching for Toronto’s best, look no further than Parkway Forest. With its high rankings and excellent livability scores, this area ranks 11th out of all Toronto neighbourhoods with a 731st Ontario-wide ranking. Compared to other neighboring towns, this lovely estate is an excellent choice as it is 98% better than those around it.

Parkway Forest averages 17% lower than the Toronto average when it comes to the cost of living. The price difference between homes in this community and elsewhere in the country is 48% lower. Furthermore, the average cost of living in this area is 8% lower than the national average. You can see why people are flocking towards the Parkway Forest area when it comes to numbers.

Parkway Forest is an attractive place to live, with a crime rate 3% lower than the national average. However, with violent crimes 1% higher than the nation’s average,  there’s always room for improvement. The odds of becoming a victim in Parkway Forest are 1 to 25 compared to those found throughout Toronto and Ontario. When it comes to safety, this bustling neighbourhood ranks the same compared to most estates in Toronto area.

It’s interesting to see that the median household income in Parkway Forest is 28% lower than the national average, but unemployment rates also tend towards being 22% lower than the national average.

There’s a lot of diversity in the area regarding income, with 17.3% earning $20K or less annually. Additionally,  The data also shows that 11.3% of this residents population accrue an income of 80,000 to 100,000 every year. Lastly, 0.3% of the total residents in Parkway Forest make approximately 300,000 thousand dollars per year.

Parkway Forest is a vibrant, diverse, and educated neighbourhood. The average school test scores in Parkway Forest are equal to the national average. 91% of people who live there have completed high school. Only 9% of those who live here have no certificate, diploma, or degree to their name. Additionally, 49.4% of people in Parkway Forest have completed a bachelor’s degree.

The cost of real estate in the Parkway neighbourhood is 55% lower than the Toronto average. It would be hard not to be attracted to this lovely neighbourhood with an equal rental rate to what’s seen locally elsewhere in town.

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