North York City Centre, Toronto, ON

North York City Centre is a great place to live if you’re looking for peace and serenity. Located just 8.2 miles from the Toronto city center, this area has an average population size of approximately 45,450, making it even more enjoyable than most other places in Ontario.

North York City Centre, Toronto, is one of Ontario’s best neighbourhoods. This area has an excellent selection for you to choose from, and it’s easy access to public transportation makes getting around even easier. North York City Centre, Toronto, with its high rankings and excellent livability scores, ranks 2nd  out of all the neighbourhoods in Toronto, ON area. It is Ranked 444th  in the whole of Ontario. Compared to other neighbourhoods and towns,  North York City Centre estate has 98% better statistics making it a great choice.

This magnificent area is a great place to live if you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality life. The cost of living here can be 8% lower than the average in Ontario, while housing prices are 15% below what people pay nationally. However, there are also some drawbacks, such as being 2% more expensive than other Canadian cities.

North York City Center’s violent crimes are 9% lower than average, while its crime rates have dropped lower than the national average, by13%. This means you’re 13 times less likely to be assaulted or robbed here as opposed to what would happen on average nationally. North York City Centre is as safe as any of the cities in Ontario, but you still have a 1 in 28 chance to become a victim of crime.

When it comes to employment rates of North York City Centre, Toronto, the median household income trails that of other Canadian regions by 23%, and unemployment rates are 8% lower than average. In North York City Centre, 20.4% of people earn $20,000 or less annually. Another 10.2% of people make an annual salary ranging between $80,000 and $100,000. Moreover, 1.6% of North York City Center residents get a yearly income of $300,000 or more.

North York City Centre is a great place to live, study, and work. The school test scores in this area are on par with the national average, and only 6% of residents here do not hold a certificate, diploma, or degree. The thriving population of North York is a very educational area, with over 93% of people here having completed high school and 60% having a bachelor’s degree or higher.

North York City Centre is the perfect place to call home. Real estate prices are 31% lower than what you’ll find in Toronto, and rent here also mirrors that of other areas of town. 

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