credit rating error

Hi, I am currently in bankruptcy. I owed 30,000 on a credit card to a creditor (Scotia Bank). When I applied for this card I alone signed the paperwork but requested a supplementary card for my wife. She has never signed any paperwork nor had she ever activated the card. Scotiabank never came after her for the money but now have reported her to the credit bureau thus affecting her credit rating. They are unable to prove their claim that she was a co-signer. I have asked for documented proof a number of times with no luck. How can my wife get this mistake fixed?

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A licensed trustee said...

She has two options:

1) follow the “objection” procedure set out by the credit bureaus to have the error corrected; or

2) contact a lawyer and initiate legal action to have the matter corrected.

You may as well try option 1 first since any lawyer you hire to perform option 2 will ask if you’ve tried to sort it out yourself.

I shoulod warn you – the credit bureau will tell you that they simply report what they are told to report. Even after you get the item fixed, it may re-appear the following month if the bank “reports” it again. This problem may be with you for a while…