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How can bankruptcy companies get away with what they are trying to do?

My Common Boyfriend has claimed bankruptcy. The company that he used told him that they would work for him – yeah right! We have a joint account in which we got a loan for a older mobile home in which we reside with our adult son. I used the proceeds from the sale of my house for the downpayment on this mobile home and have made every payment since then – for 3 years now – The bank that the loan is through is the secured creditor for the mobile home – now the bankruptcy company is trying to take my home! They have just closed the joint banking account today without our knowledge, and are trying to take my home? What grounds do they have or think they have that they can just take my home? I have documentation that I have made every single payment on this mobile home, and the bank is the secured creditor for this loan on the mobile home. Can they get away with this? Is there anything at all that I can legally do to prevent this from happening? I was not the one that claimed bankruptcy and the debts are not mine – can they try to take a home that I have been the one to pay? They are trying to claim that they have rights to half my mobile home and they are trying to toss me out on the street- Can they get away with this?

One Response to “How can bankruptcy companies get away with what they are trying to do?”

A licensed trustee said...

I can sense your frustration, but you are looking for lawyer, not a trustee. Based on the information you have provided what your spouse’s trustee is doing sounds questionable…

I strongly suggest you seek out a lawyer experienced in bankruptcy work to discuss your situation.