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Owing money to canada revenue agency

If I owe money to the Canada Revenue Agency, and I, have done my income tax for last year, and I now get a refund. I have always gotten quite a bit of money back each year, and this year is quite a bit less. Would the amount that I already owe, already have been taken off of my refund?

One Response to “Owing money to canada revenue agency”

Desmond West-Chow, CIRP, Trustee said...

If the funds you owe to Canada Revenue Agency are for income taxes (as opposed to amounts related to a business or overpayments for EI, CTB, CPP, etc.) then typically they will offset the amount owing with your refund. That is, they’ll pay back the debt with a portion of your refund. However, if it’s amount not related to income taxes, they may not be offsetting and you may still owe the money. It would be a good idea to request a statement of account from Canada Revenue Agency either on their website or by phone, or simply call them and ask about the amount you were owing and if it’s been paid by your refund.