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first of all i would like to commend your firm on this tremendiously helpfull site .i have recently submitted a CP with RBC as my main creditor, they have refused my proposal and submitted a counter offer wich i completley expexted do to your information on this site.there will now be a meeting of creditors and we will be accepting conter proposal as long as all goes well.Now my question,is it unreasonable or frowned apon if i were to apply for a secured credit card while still waiting to finalize my CP? as i traval do to my job

Posted from: Ontario

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A licensed trustee said...

There is nothing wrong with applying for a secured credit card while you are in your proposal – we encourage our clients to do this. Go and speak to a loans ooficer at the bank you deal with – most can arrange for secured credit cards (even though the banks don’t advertise this service).