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Can I choose to make whole a creditor once my consumer proposal is completed?


Good morning. I understand that prior to filing for a consumer proposal, I cannot make any favorable payments to any of my creditors. If I choose to keep making payments, I have to make the minimum payments stipulated on the monthly credit card/loan statements.

Can I choose to make whole a creditor (an employer perhaps) once my consumer proposal is completed though? Nothing will be on official record since that runs counter to the spirit of the C/P but I’ll be willing to pay any outstanding amounts if it means being able to come to work everyday knowing I did not ding my employer and chose to make him/her whole.

When I landed this job, a credit check was done. I worry that after filing C/P, I might not be able to work for an employer who does credit checks prior to hiring since my credit file will be full of R7’s.

Thank you for your time and help.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Can I choose to make whole a creditor once my consumer proposal is completed?”

A licensed trustee said...

Once you have completed your proposal you cannot be compelled (forced) to pay the remainder of your debts, but if you want to, you may repay any or all of them. It isn’t often doen for anyone other than family members, but you certainly may repay your employer once your proposal has been completed.