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Trustee not providing discharge certificate

I filed for a consumer proposal in Feb 2010 and I received a confirmation from my trustee that my proposal had been accepted. I understood that after 9 months I would receive my discharge certificate. Although 17 months have passed I have not received my discharge and my banker tells me that my credit report shows me as bankrupt and I had great difficulty opening an account fro my business. I have tried several times to contact my trustee but they are not responding at all. I need to get my credit score to be atleast R7 as that is where I should be. What should I do?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Trustee not providing discharge certificate”

A licensed trustee said...

Somewhere/somehow you have confused a few different things. When you file a consumer proposal you are entitled to a Certificate of Full Performance once you have made all of your required payments. You are not entitled to a discharge after 9 months – discharges are reserved for people that file for bankruptcy.

Respectfully, your banker likely doesn’t know what they are looking at. The fact that you filed a proposal appears in the legal section of your credit report. It will read “bankrupt – filed a consumer proposal on such and such a date (or something like that). Many Bankers just see the word bankrupt and don’t read further…

When you file a consumer proposal the debts will still appear on your credit report until the proposal has been completed. Then the debts will be dropped, but the warning in the legal section will remain for 3 additional years.

If your trustee will not respond to your questions then you should contact the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and ask them to look into things for you.