Student loan interest charges during proposal

I have received a statement from my student loans telling me how much interest was accrued during the past year since I have started my CP. When I file my taxes this year, will my refund be paid onto my student loan or will it come to me? Last year, I was given my refund, but I was wondering if this would change?

Posted from: New Brunswick

One Response to “Student loan interest charges during proposal”

A licensed trustee said...

Folks, we get 20 or 30 questions a day from people that are in proposals or bankurptcy already (and so we delete most of them aujtomatically). We’re happy to help, but if you have already filed you should be directing your questions to the trustee that is handling your file – that is one of the things they are being paid to deal with…

To answer your question, if you received your refund last year, it will be highly unusual for CRA to seize your refund this year for your student loans. If they do, contact your trustee and they should be able to recover the money for you.