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CRA Refuses Consumer Proposals?

I just had a quick conversation with a trustee and she told me that it`s not likely the CRA would accept a Consumer Proposal from me. She said they always turn them down `in her area` (Windsor) but `maybe it`s different in your area` (Toronto).

This seems odd to me, why would the CRA choose to get nothing over getting something? Is there any truth to that? Does the CRA automatically refuse any CP`s?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “CRA Refuses Consumer Proposals?”

A licensed trustee said...

CRA does not automaticly rfuse all proposals, BUT if you haven’t filed your taxes foir 3 or 4 years, if you’ve been collecting GST and not remitting it, or if CRA has been trying to get you to co-operate with them for an extended period of time and you’ve either ignored them or given them the run-around then it is not likely they will vote in favour.

For whatever reason, the folks at CRA have decided that filing a proposal is a privlidge and if in CRA’s opinion your conduct prior to filing has been “questionable’ they will deny you the privlidge.

I have personally had the “but repayment of some of the debt is better than bankruptcy” with a group of Senators in Ottawa. They agree with me, but CRA sets it’s own policies…