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Banking after a Proposal

I only have a year left on my proposal, everything is going well, I`m up to date and saving money. I`m wondering, however, if I`m a little paranoid. The bank I deal with now was not a creditor in my proposal and basically I use it to cash my cheques and as a savings account. Yet, every time I go to the wicket to cash/deposit my cheque the teller looks at her screen, then looks at me and asks me politely to wait one moment, goes behind the counter to speak with another person then comes back with a smile and everything is good. This happens every pay day. Is there something on my file that would give my bank pause or concern?

Posted from: New Brunswick

One Response to “Banking after a Proposal”

A licensed trustee said...

I have no idea, but if you have concerns you should make an appoitnment to meet with someone at the bank, a manager perhaps, and ask them to explain why this happens every time you go in. There is no reason why your proposal should cause this kind of behaviour.