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Car Lease and New Lease on Life

I`m half way through a CP and, in fact, I`m hoping to pay it off sooner than expected. It has been one of smartest things I`ve done in years and have even started to save money. I had never missed a bill payment, however, my debt was such that I was borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and knew I was heading towards financial disaster.

My car lease will be up about the time my CP is over. I`ve been with this company for over 8 years and love their vehicles (Mazda). I`m hoping that I will be able to lease from them again. Do you think my CP issue will preclude my leasing from them again? Again, I`ve never missed a payment – any payments. Thank you for your time.

Posted from: Newfoundland and Labrador

One Response to “Car Lease and New Lease on Life”

A licensed trustee said...

It is really up to Mazda to decide, but given the current economy if the dealer can find a way to get you in a car they will do it.