Consumer proposal in Manitoba

I am separated from my wife who lives in BC. We have a joint Bank account that is overdrawn in BC. as well as and unsecured Bank Loan co signed by both of us and a Credit card each, on one Mastercard account( She never cosigned the application nor ever used the card).Can you please advise what is the proportion or criterias how to submit a proposal in different provinces and the approximate payment for each assuming the total unsecured amount is around 45000 CAD $ FYI I am a retired Senior ( TTL GROSS 31.000)while my wife is still working TTl Gross approx 26000 CAD$ including my support payment.I am also the only one making all the payments and frankly I am drowning.

Many thanks for your assistance.

Posted from: Manitoba

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A licensed trustee said...

You’ll need to speak to some one locally about regional variations in terms. Under the law, there are no such variations, but practically speaking, different parts of the country may use different criteria – it literally is up to the creditors to decide what they consi9der acceptable.