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will bank try to close my joint bank account

I am about to file a consumer proposal without my husband. All of the debt is mine and it is very important to me he not be affected. My problem is that we have one joint bank account (CIBC) and one joint credit card CIBC (no balance on it so it is fine) but what I am worried about is will CIBC try to close my joint bank account or anything because my personal MC with them is a part of the consumer proposal?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “will bank try to close my joint bank account”

A licensed trustee said...

You haven’t said so, but I assume you have other personal debts with the CIBC…

If it were me, I would cancel the joint card with the NIL balance and I would have my name taken off the joint bank account BEFORE I file for bankruptcy. Then there is no possibility of the account being affected by your bankruptcy.

If you leave your name on the account, the CIBC may seize any funds on deposit in the account when they are told of your bankruptcy. It may not be legal to do so, but that will be small consolation forn the lost money.