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Consumer Proposal ended

My husband and I did a consumer proposal in 2001-2 when we found out my husband had an inoperatable brain tumor and had to go on permanent disability. We completed our payments in 2005 (never missed a payment) and now are waiting the additional three more years so our credit will be restored on Equinfax credit which would be August 2008. This past month I have received 4 calls from past creditors asking for payments on credit cards that were accepted as part of our consumer proposal in 2001. I have told them which agency we did our proposal through and that it went through the courts and that the creditors accepted the payments and in about four days we start receiving calls from them again. What can I do to stop these calls and do you know why they would be calling?

Posted from: British Columbia

One Response to “Consumer Proposal ended”

A licensed trustee said...

It is quite unusual that a number of different creditors are calling you – I suggest you ask the trustee you used to do a search on the insolvency system to check and see if your record properly reflects the fact that you completed the proposal a couple of years ago.

If the system is correct then the next question is whether you are being called by the creditos themselves, or agencies – if agencies are calling it may be that someone has purchased a block of old accounts and the fact that you filed and completed a proposal may not be refelcted in those accounts.

If they won’t go away your only recourse is to instruct them to sue you for the debt, attend in Court and show the Court that you have completed your proposal and then ask teh Court to award you your costs of defending the action. It won’t be much fun, but if nothing else will make the creditors “go away” this will…