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Sole proposal, wife on credit card

I am considering a Consumer Proposal.
The majority of the debt is in my name alone, but I do have a credit card that has my wife`s name on it.
I want to make my proposal solely. How would my wife`s credit be affected?
I do have room on my credit to transfer the debt to just my name, but don`t know if this would be wise just before doing proposal.
To be clearer I owe six creditors 50,000
she is on a card as a secondary card holder that has 9000 owing.
She has her own credit cards. How will this all affect her.

One Response to “Sole proposal, wife on credit card”

A licensed trustee said...

Unfortunately, if your spouse is jointly responsible for one of your credit cards then she will be expected to repay that card if you file a proposal or bankruptcy.

If you use your other credit to pay off that card you run the risk of committing an offence under the law – it’s called a preference and your trustee may simply contact the card that was paid off and demand that the money be handed over so that all of your creditors may share in it. If you really want to do this then you should speak to a lawyer, not a trustee.