Church And Wellesley, Toronto, ON

Church And Wellesley, Toronto, ON, is a great place to live with everything you need for living. It’s only 0.8 miles away from the city center and home to an estimated 28516 people.

Church And Wellesley is a great area to live in with its impressive ranking of 6th out on the whole Toronto scene and 576th place for neighbourhoods around Ontario. It’s 98% better than surrounding areas which means you’ll never have trouble living in this community.  

Church and Wellesley, Toronto, ON, has some great qualities for those looking to live in the city. Living cost in this area is slightly lower than Toronto’s by 5%, but 6% higher than the national average. The house pricing here matches up with what you would find across Canada as well – so residents can smile about that.

This lovely neighbourhood has some of the lowest crime rates in all of Ontario. This is due to its community-oriented approach that focuses on building relationships with those living in residence, making it easier for criminals not to victimize people here.

Church and Wellesley’s crime rates are 20% lower than the national average. In Church, there’s a 1 in 30 chance that you’ll become a victim of violent crimes, while this number is 16% less when compared with other Canadian cities on our list. Overall, the Church and Wellesley community is equally safe, just as most neighbourhoods in Ontario.

The average earnings per household in Church and Wellesley is 20% lower than the national average, but this does not mean you will have difficulty finding work. The unemployment rate here is 2% lower than the national average, positively reflecting your chances of landing one of the jobs available. In Church and Wellesley, 18.5% of the residents here earn $20,000 or less in a year, while 9.9% of people living here earn between $80,000 and $100,000 annually. Additionally, 2.2% of the Church and Wellesley community cash in approximately $300,000 or more every year.

The statistics show just how much potential wealth exists among those who reside within this area’s limits at large when analyzing data compiled by ratios regarding total household income levels as well.

Church and Wellesley is a diverse community with many educational options for students. Twelve public schools are located within this area, and the average test scores are 24% higher than the national average, which speaks volumes about the level of education here. While only 3% of the population have no certificate, diploma, or degree, 96.5% of people in Church and Wellesley have completed high school. Additionally, 60.6% of people in Church and Wellesley have completed a bachelor’s degree. 

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