Liberty Village, Toronto, ON

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on January 31st, 2022 01:21 am

Liberty Village is a proud community in the heart of Toronto. This bustling neighbourhood has everything one needs for living, working, or commuting- it’s an excellent spot to call home. Liberty Village is a great place to live in Ontario. It’s home to an estimated 9387 people and only 2.1 miles away from the Toronto capital.

This stunning residential area has a great atmosphere to call home. With its impressive ranking of 9th  out of all neighbourhoods in Toronto and 703rd  spot among Ontario’s many communities, it’s 98% better than most places you’d find around here.

Liberty Village offers a 9% lower cost of living than the rest of Toronto, but it’s more expensive by 1% compared to the national average cost of living. However, the housing cost is less than the national average by 17%.

The crime rates in the Liberty Village neighbourhood are much lower than the national average, with 26% fewer crimes than the national average and a 23% reduction of violent criminal activity. This should tell you that this neighbourhood is one to consider for those who want peace of mind when propriety matters most. In the Liberty Village vicinity, you have a 1 in 32 chance of becoming a victim of crime, making Liberty Village equally safer like the other cities in Ontario.

If you’re in search of a great place to call home, look no further than Liberty Village. With an unemployment rate of 69% lower than average and median household incomes that are 21% higher than nationwide – this neighbourhood has it all. In Liberty Village 5.8% of people earn $20,000 or less annually, while 14.3% of its residents make between $80,000 and $100,000. Moreover,  2.9% of people living in this neighbourhood pocket  $300,000 or more every year.

Schools in Liberty Village are roughly equivalent to those nationwide. On average, 98% of people living here have finished high school. The data shows that schools across Ontario and Toronto specifically compare favorably with other regions around this country regarding educational outcomes for students. The percentage of people in Liberty Village with a bachelor’s degree is 67.7%. However, 1% of the population has no certificate, degree, or diploma.

In Liberty Village, the cost of living  is 38% lower than the Toronto average, making it an ideal place to live. The same can be said about rental prices; they’re equal with those found throughout most parts of the Toronto region.

The population density in the Liberty Village area is 195% higher than in Toronto, Ontario while the median age in Liberty Village is 18% lower than in Toronto. In Liberty Village, 8.35% of the population is South Asian, 7.78% are Chinese, and 4.13% are Black.

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