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Draft Statement of Claim – Collection Agency Dirty Trick Number One

You may be considering filing bankruptcy in Canada because you are getting telephone calls from collection agencies. Back in 2008 the Ontario Registrar of Collection Agencies wrote a letter of direction to all collection agencies operating in Ontario warning them against two specific collection practices when hiring lawyers to send out collection letters. In this […]

Why are More Seniors Filing Bankruptcy in Canada?

This week the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy released statistics stating that an increasing number of senior citizens are filing for bankruptcy in Canada. Here’s a quote from the report: From 1989 to 2009, the proportion of insolvent consumers between 18 and 34 years of age has fallen steadily (from 12.9 percent to 4.4 […]

Should you cash in your RRSP to avoid bankruptcy in Canada?

Last week we discussed Credit Cards: The Fast Route to Bankruptcy in Canada and we learned that the vast majority of people who file bankruptcy in Canada owe money on credit cards. Some of those people have money in RRSPs; should they cash out their RRSPs to avoid bankruptcy? Under current bankruptcy laws in Canada, […]

Credit Cards: The Fast Route to Bankruptcy in Canada

What’s the fastest way to accumulate so much debt that you have no option but to file bankruptcy in Canada? As a bankruptcy trustee I have handled thousands of personal bankruptcy filings over the last two decades, and the answer to that question, based on my experience, is easy: Credit cards. If you want to […]

Consumer Spending: the backbone to recovery… but at what cost?

There is no secret, the recession is technically over, and we can thank our friends, family and neighbors. As was correctly predicted by Bill Bonner in 2003, “the entire world economy rests on the consumer; if he ever stops spending money he doesn’t have on things he doesn’t need — we’re done for.” Who knew […]

Who Should Administer Consumer Proposals: The Discussion Continues

On this Trustees Talk site we attempt to comment on items in the news, and items of interest to Canadians. As we have discussed previously, in June 2010, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) initiated a Review of the Trustee Licensing Regulatory Framework . One of the items up for discussion was whether or […]

Credit Cards: Why The New Rules May Not Be Good News For You

On September 1, 2010 new credit card regulations took effect in Canada. What are the new rules, and what will they mean to you? Here are the three new regulations: The New Credit Card Regulations in Canada First, credit card issuers must offer a minimum 21 day grace period, during which they can’t charge you […]

Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal Rate in Canada Increases

Personal bankruptcy filings in Canada increased in June, 2010, according to personal bankruptcy statistics released by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. In the month of June 11,900 Canadians filed a bankruptcy or a proposal, up 7% from the 11,123 filings in May, 2010. Over the twelve months ending in June, 145,233 residents of […]

Bankruptcy in Canada for Seniors With Tax Debt

An interesting debate has emerged in the pages of the Financial Post over the last two weeks regarding the need for senior citizens to file bankruptcy in Canada. The debate started with an article by Jonathan Chevreau published on August 11, 2010 titled No Immunity to Bankruptcy. That day Mr. Chevreau also published a blog […]

Debt Settlement Plans

I have written quite a few pieces were I am critical of the “debt consulting” industry and persons presenting themselves as credit counsellors when they have little or no formal education or credentials. It’s not that I begrudge any of these people a livelihood – I just wish they’d pick a career that doesn’t involve […]

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