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Birchmount Park, Toronto, ON

Birchmount Park is a quiet, peaceful neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario. It’s located just 6.9 miles from the Toronto city center and has an average population of 14026 people. Birchmount Park is a great place to live if you’re looking for peace and serenity.

Birchmount Park is a great neighbourhood to live in, and the livability scores can back it up. This area ranks 12th out of Toronto’s 100 best areas with 773rd ranked neighbourhoods Ontario-wide. Plus, Birchmount  Park manages better than 98% percent, making this one excellent place for families or those looking at moving into their first home together.

The cost of living in Birchmount Park, Toronto, is 7% lower than the average, while housing offers some benefits. On top of this beautiful city has an affordable lifestyle, which is 4% higher than the national average with 10% less expensive homes compared to other cities across Canada.

In Birchmount Park, Toronto, crime rates are 22% lower than the national average. There have also been 19% fewer violent crimes reported in this park compared to other locations around Canada. Birchmount Park is a safe place to live. There’s 1 chance in 31 that you’ll be the victim of crime here. The safety and security of this place are equally good to other cities around Ontario; hence safety and security will be less of your worries.

The median household income in Birchmount Park, Toronto, ON, is 3% lower than the national average. The unemployment rate here is also considerably less than in other parts of Canada, at only 16%. In Birchmount Park, Toronto, 7.9% of people earn $20,000 or less annually, while 11.5% of those living here make between 80-100 thousand dollars per year. Furthermore, 1% or one-hundredth percent have an income higher than 300000 yearly.

The schools in Birchmount Park, Toronto, have a 2% lower average score than the rest of Canada. There are five public schools, among other institutions serving this area, with different options available for students. The data shows that over 81.2% of people in Birchmount Park have completed high school, while 27%  hold bachelor’s degrees. However, 19%. However, 19% do not hold any certificate or diploma.

Birchmount Park might be your best option if you’re looking to own or rent a house. Prices are 24% lower than other neighbourhoods, but renters can expect an average rental cost that is also on par with many areas throughout Toronto. This makes this estate affordable for homeowners and could quickly become home too if there were no financial concerns or any other issues whatsoever.

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