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Will I receive my money back from revenue Canada?

I filed bankruptcy in 2003. 90% of my debt was to Revenue Canada. Shortly after filling I lost my job and my husband left me with three kids under 5 with no support. I could Not afford to pay for the bankruptcy so I still have Not been discharged. I have since paid back revenue Canada and am just now working on getting discharged. My question is: will I receive my money back from Revenue Canada that was covered in the bankruptcy? But I have paid?

One Response to “Will I receive my money back from revenue Canada?”

Desmond West-Chow, CIRP said...

Unfortunately you won’t receive the money you paid to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) back. I am assuming that what has happened since your bankruptcy was filed over 10 years ago, was that your trustee was discharged from you bankruptcy, which reinstates the rights of your creditors and with that their ability to collect on the what is owed. Because of that CRA had the right to collect and they were within their rights to receive those funds. Your discharge from bankruptcy will clear your status as an undischarged bankrupt and any debt that may still remain from that bankruptcy filing.