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Can the bank put a lien on my vehicle before my discharge?

I recently renewed my auto insurance and noticed that a lien was put on my vehicle by a bank that i had a credit card with. This was done before my discharge. Is this allowed ?

Posted from: Alberta

One Response to “Can the bank put a lien on my vehicle before my discharge?”

Desmond West-Chow, CIRP said...

If you have gone through a bankruptcy and received your discharge, unsecured debts will be discharged. As such, the lien can be removed from the vehicle by contacting a lawyer and having them make an application to do so. It may be worthwhile to contact your trustee to discuss the nature of the debt and ensure that it was in fact a debt that is cleared by a bankruptcy. Your trustee may also be able to give you a recommendation of someone to contact to have the lien removed.