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Undischarged Bankruptcy removed from Trans Union?

I have an undischarged Bankruptcy from 2002. It is on Trans Union Credit Bureau, not on Equifax. I am reestablishing Credit with a current credit score in the mid 600’s. I have a loan, a car lease and a credit card. How do I get this removed from Trans Union Credit. I contacted my Trustee, they informed me to contact a lawyer to have it removed from my Credit Bureau. They said that it would cost $500 to reopen my file. That I have reestablished credit and that statutes of limitations would apply to any and all creditors. I was recently turned down for a private mortgage because of this. What do I do???

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Undischarged Bankruptcy removed from Trans Union?”

Doug Stuive, CA | Trustee | CIRP said...

You indicate that you are an undischarged bankrupt. Since it has been more than 7 years since the bankruptcy was filed (in 2002) it may have been removed from the records of Equifax. Even though you have been able to somewhat re-establish your credit, you still remain an undischarged bankrupt and therefore still legally owe the amounts owing at the date of bankruptcy. Although the Statute of Limitations will prevent the creditors from pursuing payment, the undischarged bankruptcy will cause you problems in the future with respect to real estate transactions and may cause problems if you become entitled to an inheritance. Your best course of action is to contact the (former) trustee and arrange to deal with the issues which prevented you from getting your discharge.