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My husband as a bankruptcy from more than 10 years ago that keeps showing up on his Credit Report; it shows Disposition Unknown for some reason and he isn’t sure why. His bankruptcy was in BC. and I think was a personal bankruptcy. It is frustrating because it keeps showing up; is this normal? How can we fix this? Thank-you

Posted from: Alberta

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A licensed trustee said...

I suspect that you spouse never completed his bankruptcy and so it was never resolved. Or the fact that he completed it was never reported to the credit bureau. Regardless, the solution is to contact the trustee than handled his bankruptcy and ask them to provide him with a copy of an insolvency search from the government’s database – that will tell him whether or not the government thinks he has been discharged (the government reports to the credit bureau). The trustee should be able to tell your spouse what needs to be done to correct the situation.