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Poor Advice From a Trustees Assistant

After I signed the papers for my bankruptcy I asked if I could cancel my cellphone contract, I listed the charges I would incur and after a month of asking I finally got the answer (from the trustee’s assistant who was the only one that ever answered questions) The answer was “Go ahead and cancel it and have them contact the office”

The told me that they sent the package off to the cell company and I thought all was good. Until I tried to get service 2.5 years later, and they say I still owe the cancellation because it happened after I signed the paper for bankruptcy.

Now after doing research, I realize they are right. But I was never told that, or I wouldn’t have cancelled. The trustee knew it was a cancellation and how much it would be. Now I owe a ton based on their recommendation.

Is there anything I can do?
Thank you

Posted from: Alberta

One Response to “Poor Advice From a Trustees Assistant”

Barton Goth – Goth & Company Inc. -Trustee in Bankruptcy said...

If you have a concern that this has not been handled appropriately you should first talk it over with the trustee that was responsible for your file. If this doesn’t resolve things to your satisfaction you can then contact the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and discuss it with them directly.