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Joint tenancy/equity in home

I just lost my job with no severance. I can’t get EI. I have no savings or RRSP’s. I have $32,000 in unsecured debt in my name only. My C/L wife and I own the house under joint tenancy and it has approx. $55,000 in equity. If I can borrow from family to make a CP of 65% payment. Do you feel it would be accepted? I currently have no income. Can my unsecured creditors force the sale of the house. Would my wife be entitled to 50% of proceeds from the sale of the house?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Joint tenancy/equity in home”

A licensed trustee said...

If you have $55,000 in equity in your home and you are a 50% owner then your share is worth $27,500. If you want to offer your creditors a proposal you need to offer them an amount equal to what they would receive if you filed for bankruptcy – that means at least $27,500.

Before you decide on a course of action, I think you should speak to a trustee. They’ll review all of your options and discuss the timing of your solution. Without a comprehensive plan you might simply make things worse…