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Bankruptcy repayment

I don’t understand if a person is filing bankruptcy and you are only allowed to earn so much before repayments have to be made to creditors- I thought the debt gets wiped out? ultimately one way or another the debt is somehow being repaid by the consumer right? a person files bankruptcy as a last resort because they can not repay the debt why do you add to stress by only allowing a person to earn so much per month? It seems to cost more to file for bankruptcy than it is to repay your own debts.

Posted from: British Columbia

One Response to “Bankruptcy repayment”

A licensed trustee said...

It is not that you are only allowed to make so much – the idea is that everyone requires a basic minimum amount of income to live on, everything over that amount will be split 50-50 with your creditors during your bankruptcy.

For example, the government standard for a single person household is $1926 after-tax dollars of income per month. If the person earns $2526 of income then they would have to pay $300/month in surplus income into their bankruptcy ($2526-1926= $600/2 = $300). The amount of your debt has no affect on your surplus incme payments. They are based solely on income and family size.

If you do the math and it will cost you more to file for bankruptcy than to repay your debts – then repay your debts. If the problem is interest then perhaps you shouldl be considering a consumer proposal.