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I appreciate this!! I did a consumers proposal around of my largest debts was Revenue Canada. They accepeted my proposal. I was starting to get back on my feet until now.Just got a letter at my office that R.C are going to garnish my wages to a debt of around $72.000!!!!!Taking 40%. They claim that I should have filed while under proposal to them.This was not explained to me by my trustee at that time.So they have taken the 3 years income and want it. I have a good accountant who has wrote them asking for proof of this etc..but in the mean time I am a 46 year old lady with no assets at all and already give my Boss 30% of my commisions..this will ruin me!! I cant survive on 30% total income. I need advice fast. I dont mind going bankrupt as I have nothing to lose now..if it will get the garnish lifted..any advice is wonderful!! I am terrified about this..I feel like all is over!

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, A licensed trustee said:

If I am reading your question correctly, you failed to file your income taxes during your proposal – sorry, but just like every other Canadian, you are leaglly required to file your taxes every year. If you didn’t then the Canada Revenue Agency has the right to pursue you, including garnishing your earnings.

I don’t know if filing for bankruptcy is the correct answer for you, but you may want to speak to a trustee if your accoutnant can’t sort thigns out for you.

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