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Joint Account Closed?

I have a joint account in TD Canada Trust with my mother. She has loans with the bank (debt consolidation of her td credit card – which is no longer active) and she is thinking of filing for bankruptcy.
The debts are all hers but and i was wondering if i could still keep the account.
Of course we would switch the money to another bank that we have no debt on and such.
But would the account itself be closed completely or would i be able to take over it and start at zero with them

Posted from: Quebec

One Response to “Joint Account Closed?”

A licensed trustee said...

You really need to have this discussion with the bank, but if it were me, I would close the account and open a new one just to be safe. I realize it is inconvenient switching accounts, but that inconvenience is nothing compared to the problems that might be caused if the bank goes into the account looking for money when you don’t expect it…