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income tax

I was realearf from my bancruptcy after fulfilling all my obligations I was led to believe that I was entitled to my post income tax return even the government said this was true I was discharged Nov 2010 but the trustee who did not do my post return somehow got it and will not give it to me in reading my discharge papers it looks loke I am entitled to it P read section178 and I believe I have met all my obligations

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “income tax”

A licensed trustee said...

Unfortunately, the laws regarding POST bankruptcy tax refunds were changed effective the 2009 tax year such that any refunds a bankrupt is entilted to receive for the year they filed for bankruptcy and all previous years will be paid to their trustee for the benefit of their unsecured creditors.

CRA automatically sends all such refunds to a person’s trustee once CRA is advised that you have filed for bankruptcy.