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Re-mortgaging with wife who declared bankruptcy

I purchased a home nearly seven years ago. My wife did not have good credit therefore my father co-signed at 1%. My wife has been cleared after bankruptcy for just over a year now. My father has recently passed and I will have to re-apply for the mortgage. Is it a good idea to add my wife to the loan application? I may be able to get the mortgage on my own but would like your advice. Thanks

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Re-mortgaging with wife who declared bankruptcy”

A licensed trustee said...

I serioulsy doubt that adding your spouse to your mortgage will assist you in anyway, but I also don’t think it will hurt you either. So… go and speak to the mortgage officer at your bank and ask them if it will make any difference. If it doesn’t hurt you then you may as well do it becuase it will definitely help her (rebuild her own credit).