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Court ordered Self Exclusion from casinos

If a Court has ordered continued self exclusion from OLG casinos for a specified number of years as a condition of someone`s discharge , does OLG receive any notification of this order? Would OLG contact the Court if the dischargee applied to have the self exclusion withdrawn at any casino in the province?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Court ordered Self Exclusion from casinos”

A licensed trustee said...

You’d have to ask someone at OLG…

If the Court Orders a self exclusion for a specific number of years then the only way the person will be discharged is if/when they provide the Court with proof of the exclusion.

If you go to the casinos whikle udner an exclusion 2 things may happen: (1) if you win the casino is not supposed to pay you – in other words all you can do is lose; and (2) if the Court finds out you violated the Order you will be subject tosome VERY serious penalties including having your discharge revoked (which mean all the debts you filed bankruptcy for will be back) and likely a large fine.

It is just a bad idea…