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I will be sending in my last income and expense report and making my final payment at the end of June after having my bankruptcy extended by six months due to surplus income. How long does it usually take to receive final discharge papers? Does the trustee need to see anything else or is the discharge automatic? I see the light at the end of the tunnel and would like to check my credit report as soon as possible so I can start to re-build my credit and possibly own my own home one day.

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Posted from: British Columbia

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A licensed trustee said...

You need to ask these questions to your trustee – only they will know if you have complkied with all of your duties (ie done everything that you are supposed to do).

If there was no hearing to extend your bankruptcy then you will be receiving something called a “Conditions Met Discharge” – your trustee can prepare and sign this themselves. If you went to Court then your trustee will be required to forward a supplemental report to the Court so that the Court can issue your discharge.

If your goal is to buy a home then you may want to go and sit down with your banker right after you’re discharged and ask them what they’d like to see in order for you to be approved. Usually you have to wait a couple of years after discharge before a mortgage will be approved… just be patient and follow the plan the banker works out for you.