Getting married, Will anything change?

My partner and I intend to get married in a month. She isn`t listed in any of my bankruptcy papers as she does not support me. I should be gettin my discharge in 3 months, will a marriage alter how much I will have to pay or will she have to contribute to my trustee?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Getting married, Will anything change?”

A licensed trustee said...

Your payments in bankruptcy are based on your household income. If once you get married your spouse is living with you then their income will have to be reported along with your own to your trustee and it may have an affect on your payment.

Of course if you are already living together then you should already be reporting your spouse’s income to your trustee – in this case there won’t be any changes.

Call your trustee and discuss what you are planning to do – the last thing you want is for your marriage to some how screw up the last couple months of your bankruptcy simply becuase you didn’t talk to your trustee about it…