Credit Card Application

I have been discharged for a year and a half now. I have a secured credit card with a low limit but wondering if I can get a higher limit or an unsecured card. When I apply online I am always asked whether or not I declared bankruptcy in the past 7 years. Because of that I am immediately declined. Is there something I can do? I want to accelerate repairing my credit and I think having one low limit secured card is not enough. Am I correct?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Credit Card Application”

A licensed trustee said...

Why don’t you book an appointment with a loans officer at your bank – instead of simply applying over the internet. The internet will be set up with very simple rules – if you’ve been bankrupt they say “no”. The loans officer may be able to tell you what you need to do in order to be approved.

You might alos call the company that has already issued you a card and ask them if they will increase your limit.

Just be careful – I don’t know why you had to file for bankruptcy, but it takes time to re-esatblish your credit. One of the reasosn is the lenders want to be sure you will use the credit responsibly.