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going to the court

my trustee is sending me to the court do i have to go or i can send my wife i missed some payments and did not go second counselling.

Posted from: Alberta

One Response to “going to the court”

A licensed trustee said...

Unless your wife filed bankruptcy with you, you’d better appear yourself. The purpose of the hearing is for your application to be discharged (not your wife’s). If you don’t appear I suspect the Court will simply adjourn the matter until you do appear. Your trustee is only required to request thsi hearing ofr you ONCE. After that you have to apply by yourself for a new hearing and ther’s no guarantee it will happen anytime soon.

More importantly, once the hearing has been held (even if it is adjourned) your trustee has the right to close your file. If they do that then things become much more complicated and difficult for you.

In other words, I’d go to Court…