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How to fight credit report?

I claimed bankruptcy in 2002 and was discharged. I requested a copy of my credit report via Equifax and found that one of my credit cards was still showing on my history. The problem was that the card shows `credit counselling` completed in 2006. I have never been in credit counselling? Why would I be since I claimed bankruptcy. Some further digging revealed that my ex was in credit counselling and she paid off the credit card. I was the co-signer meaning the credit card company was paid through my bankruptcy and her credit counselling. It seems that they double dipped? As my ex technically did not have to pay the card off? Not sure if I`m correct. Why does her credit counselling show on my credit history?? It does not seem fair that I waited over 7 years to clear my bankruptcy and now I have her credit on my history? Can I fight/dispute this mistake and if so how do I do this?

Posted from: British Columbia

One Response to “How to fight credit report?”

A licensed trustee said...

Each of the major credit reporting agencies in Canada posts instructions on their websites detailing how to go about registering a complaint about what is being reported on your file – you’ll need to follow those procedures in order to get things sorted out.

The items that are reported on your file are posted by your creditors, not by the agency so you might save some time by complaining directly to the creditor that is posting the incorrect information.

I should warn you that getting this fixed/changed may take a while and become very frustrating. There is no quick and easy fix and no one other than you (or perhaps a lawyer if you hire one) can sort this out for you.