co-signer`s release from judgement

I co-signed a loan (about $14,000) in 1997 for a relative. I have since left the city, changed address and phone number. The person in question declared bankruptcy in 2003 and has now been cleared from that. Recently I inquired from my credit card company about my credit and was told that it was very good, however I had a judgement against me from 2003, no doubt from the relative`s bankruptcy. I never saw a cent of that loan however I now have a judgement against me. The creditor probably tried to contact me however was clearly unable because I had moved. I have a mark on my credit from Transunion that should be expunged after 7 years, which brings this to 2010. I am currently seeking employment with the Fed. Govt. and am concerned that this may affect my ability to get employment. Am I correct to be worried?

Posted from: Quebec

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Barton Goth – Goth & Company Inc. -Trustee in Bankruptcy said...

While I cannot comment on how this will impact your ability to obtain employment with the Federal Government. It is clear that you are still responsible for this debt. Now if the Federal Government does a standard credit check and determines that this debt is outstanding it definitely could affect your ability to be hired.