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I was told that after I was discharged from bankruptcy and I don`t owe Canada Revenue any money I may get back my GST. I was discharged in 2008. Could you tell me if this is so

Posted from: Ontario

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A licensed trustee said...

During your bankruptcy your GST rebates were likely directer to your trustee – if that is the case they will continue to be sent to your trustee until your trustee files the correct documents with CRA reditrecting them back to you (many trustees wait until they complete the administration of a bankruptcy to do this).

The law requires your trustee to return to you any GST received that would result in a dividend to your creditors (ie GST cannot be used to repay your debt). In most cases this means if you have had to pay $1700 or more into your estate (between your payments and tax refunds and any other money your trustee has recieved) then your trustee will probably be refunding your GST.

If you aren’t sure what has happened in your bankruptcy give your trustee a call and ask them to explain this to you.