If a conusmer proposal was accepted-some payments made. then a situation changes , and asked for an amendment and it is turned down. Then a better situation comes around able to pay more. an another consumer proposal be offered? This is my case. I did not file bankrupcy, in debt for 62,000.00. just took a job for 50.000 a year. what should i do. been told i would have to pay back 600.00 a year. i cant live and do that. help

Posted from: Ontario

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Barton Goth – Goth & Company Inc. -Trustee in Bankruptcy said...

Once a consumer proposal has been filed a second consumer proposal cannot be filed on the same debts without court permission. The easier thing to do is to file a proposal, but file it as a Division I proposal instead of a consumer proposal. The Division I proposal is largely the same as the consumer proposal and there is no problem filing that after a consumer proposal. My suggestion is to contact a local trustee and discuss the differences between the two types of proposals and how they will affect your situation.